Vintage gamer enjoying RPGs, Action RPGs, shooters and strategy games since the 1980's. Lives in the UK, so will often write using the Queen's English, properly spelt. Likes to share BSN outside of the forum, so can also be found driving the BSN Twitter account and poking discussions on YouTube, Reddit, EA Answers and other locations.


Look at this dragon. JUST FREAKING LOOK AT HIM. You think he's cute? He's actually scary. Like, his fire can melt DIAMOND. Do you know [something about inserting something] tough diamond is? Tough like my mom's personality. Don't mess with him.


Heimdall, the watchman, master of the lore videos, all-seeing and all-hearing and now, protector of the BSN.


Definition of coffee 
1 a : a beverage made by percolation, infusion, or decoction from the roasted and ground seeds of a coffee plant
b : any of several Old World tropical plants (genus Coffea and especially C. arabica and C. canephora) of the madder family that are widely cultivated in warm regions for their seeds from which coffee is prepared
2 : a cup of coffee • two coffees 
Examples of coffee in a Sentence
I bought a pound of coffee.


Florida girl. Eternal tomboy. Published author of four short stories (and always working on more!). When not gaming or BSNing, her hobbies include writing, watching her beloved Florida Gators play football in the fall, reading, attending medieval faires in full knightly costume, fishing, and shooting pool while drinking whiskey in smoky dive bars.

Obsidian Gryphon

Retired or on Hiatus


BSN was the start of AG's forum journey, bringing friends and entertainment, whilst widening her gaming experiences by convincing her to play Mass Effect. It turned her into a BioWare fangirl who's played the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series more times than she cares to mention. She just can't resist a little sneaky sneaky, loving the Dishonored, Deus Ex and also Portal franchises. A Brit of the Northern variety, who can often be found with a cup of tea and the appropriate swear word for all occasions.


He's so ninja, there's nothing to know about this dude. He's stealthy, he's sneaky. He didn't have to answer questions like the rest of the staff did. I wish I could be like him. I wanna be able to Naruto run without shame. I wanna look as good as his avatar, you know, Kasumi. Maybe someday.


Mousestalker's favourite game is Dragon Age: Origins. She likes Jane Austen books in specific and Regency romances in general. She likes manners, baking, gardening and murder mystery novels when the murder is in the first chapter. Her least favourite game is whack-a-mole. She also dislikes writing about herself in the third person, music with f-bombs, rudeness, willful ignorance, and totalitarianism.

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